junk52.etqw folds

In August Junk52 ETQW-section was announced, now, months later Junk52.ETQW is folding.

Reasons for this are many, but it all started with Murre who decided to leave the team for One2, mainly because junk52 weren't 100% swedish, but his new team was. This later on led to the just recent departure of our tanker Dranzer, leaving junk52 for the uk-based team point-blank as he felt we wouldn't manage to rebuild the team even though we tried.

With Murre and Dranzer gone, still fighting for the junk52-tag were dohfOs, Guru, Snejk and Jaede, and with Guru leaving in a month for a life long dream, travel around the world (or well, just asia), we would be down to just 3 (until Guru comes back home) and without a tanker. All in all it would be a mission impossible for us to rebuild the team and to get the talent to the team that we needed to remain as a top team. Therefor Junk52.ETQW is now sadly folding.

We want to thank the whole of Junk52 Theatre, players and management, our many opponents throughout Beta2, Demo and this first month of retail, the ones supporting us from the outside. We would also like to say sorry to the opponents and various admins that also get affected by this, but in the end we had no choice but to fold. Last but not least we wanna wish the best of luck to Junk52.ET in the EuroCup-playoffs.

What happends now to those who's now standing without a team is yet to be known. But all of us will remain in the scene waiting for new challenges that may arise.

Junk52.ETQW in retail were:
Mike 'Dranzer' Büsing (Team Captain)
Bart 'Jaede' Van Remortele
Martin 'dohfOs' Lundén
Erik 'Guru' Staffans
Johan 'Snejk' Svensson
Tobias 'Murre' Balenius

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