#etqw.euro rackage-cup #1

inquake.de presents you the #etqw.euro Rackage-Cup #1
inquake.de is proud to present their first Enemy Territory: Quake Wars beta Cup in co-operation with #etqw.euro, Rackage and QuadV.com. The ET:QW beta Cup is invite only and it will be played this sunday, the 22nd July.

The starting signal for the one-day tournament will be at 14:00 (CET) with 16 of the currently strongest ET:QW teams face eachother in a classical K.O. system (single eliminition) where they will fight for fame and victory. The IRC channel #etqw.euro will be the tie point and official coverage channel, and the channel will also be where the teams meet before every match.

The following teams participate in the Cup:
cause we can
Pain is Coming
Team exilium
Team One2
Power of Greyskull

With the friendly support of the british server host Rackage we can ensure that there always will be servers to play at.

During the tournament intoquake.de will ofcourse provide you with results and information. TosspoT of QuadV.com will handle the shoutcast and there is also a possibility that there will be a german shoutcast aswell, this is however not yet final.

Set of rules and tournament details:
- stopwatch mode (20 min timelimits)
- six players per team (plus a maximum of two backup players)
- naturally the map Sewer is played
- maximum 1 Cyclops/1 tank per side (no Tormentor)
- each team leader has to be in #etqw.euro for the entire Cup
- inquake.de-Cupadmins will admin each game
- ingame spectators are not allowed, except for the casters and admins
- using bugs/exploits or any kind of cheats leads to an immediate disqualification

notice that this newsitem is freely translated from german into english by myself (dohfOs) and since i'm not a german it may not be 100% accurate. please check the links below for the source.

the official news item
the cup site
#etqw.euro @ quakenet


beyond upcoming games and results

beyond gaming started off yesterday by playing their first official game winning vs x-ray. i thought i would gather beyonds upcoming games and results in one posts. so here goes.

Team Beyond upcoming games:

Team Beyond upcoming games (where date is TBA):

Team Beyond results: (first/bold is beyond score)
11/7 - (4-0) - vs. X-Ray
11/7 - (1-0) - vs. silentium
12/7 - (1-0) - vs. spierdalaj
14/7 - (4-0) - vs. Team Desire
14/7 - (4-0) - vs. wArning!
15/7 - (3-1) - vs. Team-Helix
15/7 - (0-4) - vs. Team Dignitas
16/7 - (0-4) - vs. Team Dignitas
17/7 - (4-0) - vs. Team exilium
19/7 - (0-4) - vs. cause we can
29/7 - (0-4) - vs. lolicon (Bronze Final)
05/8 - (0-4) - vs. u14
06/8 - (1-0) - vs. n1ce.it

beyond forums
czar 4on4 inf cup
clanbase beta cup
i3d.nl cup


beyond gaming

last saturday (the 7th) me (dohfOs) and my mate guru decided we were gonna leave project ego. this due to several reasons but mainly because it didn't feel like they had the activity we would've wished for. after playing alot of mixes along with players from beyond gaming we were asked if we might have interest in joining them and after a day or two we decided that we would. hopefully we'll manage to take the on before hand expected top teams with suprise.

beyond gaming lineup:
Lukos (leader)

the official games that we now have ahead are:
Beyond Gaming vs. X-Ray in clanbase beta cup.
Beyond Gaming vs. silentium in czar 4on4 inf cup.
Beyond Gaming vs. spierdalaj in the i3d.nl cup.

atm beyond gaming doesn't have a website but that one is expected to pop up in about a week or so. until then. you an either visit #beyond.etqw @ quakenet or the beyond forums.