Time to add your PBGuid on ClanBase

With the upcoming OpenCup it's now time to add your PBGuid on your CB-profile.

As explained on ClanBase.com:

- Connect to a server that has PB enabled
- Open your console and type "clear" followed by "pb_myguid" and "condump myguid.txt" (wihout double quotes)
- Search for myguid.txt in your Wolfenstein directory and copy the line where it says GUID=
- Now you only need to paste the GUID to your account here.



Team-Helix is no more..?


One of the europeean teams that so far seemed to have proved that they got what it takes seems to be doomed to drop out of the Wolfenstein scene. It's Team-Helix with two 2nd places in various early Wolfenstein cups that might now just be a team for the past. This after one of their players Noorgrin state in his journal and in various comments over at CrossFire that the team haven't been playing much lately and that Wolfenstein have been a fail from scratch.

[..] it is a shame the game fails even more than ETQW... and is tbh, MP-wise, even worse than ETQW... [..] and for hx... well i think we won't pracc much wolf anymore, but we will wait what happens with cc7 and that TGL $10.000 tournament... that's the only thing keeping us away from falling apart atm [..] we are not really playing anymore, haven't played for almost a week now.

Reports also talks about Team-Helix getting banned from the Wolfenstein.Gather-cups due to "abusive behaviour", whether this will be the final touch for the team to fall apart is yet to be known.

Team-Helix last known lineup:
Barthels (backup)
sNoOp (backup)

#team-helix @ QNet.

ClanBase searching for Wolfenstein Crew

The never dying ladder- and cup-page ClanBase are now searching for a Wolfenstein crew. This autumn ClanBase will host OpenCup and ofcourse also their usual ladders. So if you think you got what it takes..

After introducing Wolfenstein, ClanBase is now looking for new Crew members to fill in positions as Cup and Ladder Supervisors. If you want to help us ensure quality Cups and Ladders for Wolfenstein.

As a Cup supervisor your primary responsibilities will be to guarantee that all of our upcoming cups are of high quality and have excellent coverage. As a Ladder supervisor on the other hand your job will be to handle conflicts, process join applications and ensure ladder feedback, and to provide basic support for our users.

In addition, the candidate is expected to act as the link between ClanBase and the community, so it is vital that the recruit communicates frequently with both parties.

General requirements:
- Admin experience is not required, but always a bonus
- In-depth knowledge of the community & the game itself
- Must be available on IRC (quakenet) and must participate on forums
- Very active and willing to invest his/her time to help the community out
- Good knowledge of written English.

Working for ClanBase is voluntary, however, we do provide you with good working experience and a chance to work with a dedicated group of people for your community.

ClanBase.com (source through CrossFire.nu)


Wolfenstein Configs

Wolfenstein Configs

Here you can find a collections of popular Configs (.cfg) for Wolfenstein. Most of these are considered to give you an edge when it comes to performance and high fps.

RELOAd (aka bulldozer) from Team Dignitas
darkman from Team Dignitas
drago from Team Dignitas
Stary from one4one

Feel free to add yours to the list aswell, contact me in #dohfOs @ QNet and we can arrange it.

A big thank you to #Wolfenstein.gather for hosting the files.


New patch being worked on


Not that one would expect anything else, seeing this is a new game that needs patching. But Community Manager Sokal earlier this week confirmed on the official forums that an upcoming patch is on the way. However, there are no suprises in the statement - no date announced yet.

Hey everyone,

First of all I want to apologize for the lack of formal response at this point. As of right now I don't have any more details on patch information except that it is being worked on. As you all know, we've had some hurdles post-release, but we are working to get you a patch.

I'm sure there will be plenty of questions in response to this, but please understand that when I do have some information I will post it for you.

Read more:

Wolfenstein.Gather host their 3rd Cup


So, it's once again time for another #Wolfenstein.Gather-cup. This sunday (13th) the cup will run from 20 CET.

After the great success of seasons 1 & 2, we've decided to create another cup for this coming Sunday!

To compete in this cup, you need a working copy of Wolfenstein for the PC, a team, WolfPro 0.1b & sportsmanship.

The cup will begin at 20:00 CET on Sunday 13th September 2009. We're aiming for 32 teams. It's single elimination. There will be 1 map per round & the maps will be played in this order:

* Round 1: mp_manor (20:00 CET)
* Round 2: mp_hospital (20:30 CET)
* Round 3: mp_bank (21:00 CET)
* Round 4: mp_facility (21:30 CET)
* Round 5: Each team will pick a map from the maplist (22:00 CET)

Previous winners:
Team Dignitas (Round #1)
one4one (Round #2)

Read more:
#Wolfenstein.Gather Cup


doffelicious eSport by dohfOs - soon in a computer near you


It's been awhile now since the last post on eSport.dohfOs.eu. But things are starting to once again slowly move. It's time to bring the page back up and it's time to make some changes. There are going to be four major changes since last time;

- namechange, from "New Koddblogg" to "doffelicious eSport by dohfOs".
- change of language, from Swedish to English.
- change of game, from CoD4 to Wolfenstein.
- change of logo, for obvious reasons.

Once the page opens up "for real" the main goal will be to make it a nice compliment to excisting community-page Crossfire.nu. Date of release is yet to be decided. But since it will be covering an id-game, let's just say - when it's done!