etqw beta - better graphics rendering tip

so.. here's a tip i found quite nice if you want better gfx in etqw. cheers to farlig for this one. it actually makes a difference!

How to enable better graphics rendering
Disappointed with the apparent lack of definition with the default graphics options, even when set on high?
You can get much better definition in by doing the following:

1. Bring up the console at any time by pressing "Ctrl + Alt + ~" (depending of your keyboard ofc, in sweden it's f.e. the §-button and not ~)
2. Type "r_megadrawmethod 0" which seems to set the graphics to it's highest settings.
3. Press "Enter" and you're done, the changes apply instantly, even while in game.

It enables a slight distance haze, what appears to be better rendering of many objects too, the trade off is that you'll notice a hit in your frame rate if you don't have a super high end card, so you might not want to keep it enabled (either that or you could lower the resolution to compensate).
To disable it just type: "r_megadrawmethod 3" (3 is it's default level) and it will reset to normal, you can also try 1 and 2 which are both different quality factors.

The biggest difference is probably the fog, better shader and lighting effects as well. Shadows are much more noticeable.

original source is jelly2003 on the neowin forums


qw.se preview movie of the etqw beta

quakewars.se released something you could call a preview of the beta. it's 323mb movie that shows some parts of the game. so if u haven't got your hands on the public beta yet, this movie shows you a great deal of what it's like.

quake wars: a midsummer nights (323mb - quakewars.se)



etqw beta - first impression

so, i finally (wohoo) got the etqw public beta on my own. so here comes my first impression of the game after playing it just 3 hours.


my first very own etqw screenshot.. and unfortunately the only one that was actually saved. the print screen button (F11 ingame per default) didn't seem to work as it should. so well, expect more screens and such tomorrow.

anyways, first impression. this is my computer specs:
(CPU 1) Intel® Core™2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz (Socket 775) @ 2395MHz (266MHz FSB), 0% load (CPU 2) Intel® Core™2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz (Socket 775) @ 2395MHz (266MHz FSB), 4% load
(Video controller 1) NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT (Processor: GeForce 7950 GT), 512MB, 1280x1024x32, 60Hz, driver version:
(Sound card 1) Realtek High Definition Audio, brand: Realtek (Sound card 2) Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM), brand: Creative Technology, Ltd.

or atleast the most important stuff.. i got a rather steady fps at 60 with high/normal settings. game runs smoothly and i got no complains there.

to the game. well.. hard to say after just 3h. but if you're interested my earlier fps background is bf1942, q3 and cod mainly (on a high level). i have ofcourse played some w:et but since that wasn't on any competitive level i hardly count that. anyways, etqw was alot of fun. really hard at start, understanding what to do and what stuff to use when etc.. ofcourse i can't say i still understand everything but most things atleast. aim seems to be abit like bf1942, meaning. when your opponent move. u don't aim directly at him but rather some milimeters to where he is heading. the actual movement was terrific even though i can imagine it will take awhile to get used to. feels like you're running out of ammo the whole time but i suppose it's meant to be like that. bring an field op/technician with you ^_*

currently, whats ruining the feeling in the game is the vehicles. there are milions of 'em and they are not balanced from what i can tell. hopefully we'll see that removed along with the 14 players at each side when the real game arrives and u play clan vs. clan (i would actually prefer if they lower the amount of vehicles instantly because atm it's insane).

oh well. more to come tomorrow! then i know the ingame screenshot thingy doesn't work and i'll do it the right way ;)


etqw beta more clips and screens

so.. i keep updating the same newsitems but i thought i would start a new one as the other ones are getting kinda crowded. i've btw reached 1500+ unique visitors just today. much appreciated. hope you like what you see :)


anyways.. here's a longer film clip. the funniest part with this one is that it has basshunter (who sings this crap song in swedish) as soundtrack. but the guy who made the clip is from brazil. now, how on earth does that work?! oh well. to the clip.. ain't really _that_ good. he's mostly just fooling around blowing stuff up. bet he will be a good beta tester for splash damage ...ehrm. oh well. here it is.

u can also download some gameplay movies that hkfclan is hosting:
gameplay - indoor fighting with assault rifle
vehicle - flying around in an icarus
gameplay - oppressor
gameplay - shooting tires of an apc with a hyperblaster

here are some screens that shows what the scoreboard looks like and how the ingame ads could look. screens are from austin's album.

etqw beta screenshots - day 1 *

time for some more screens. submitted by zig-zag and the general.

* added 7 more screenshots taken by jp of sas.

scroll down for more videos and screenshots.

film clips (update 1 - update 2)
screenshots (update 1)

etqw beta film clips - day 1 *

first a film clip from the beta made by some random dude (thx to waltx for the tip), but it's quite good. then there are some more film clips by hezzy at #splashdamage @qnet.

* added some more film clips (scroll down). most of 'em are without sound though.

shows some gameplay

hezzy - part 1.

hezzy - part 2.

hezzy - part 3.

tripmine and laser mine (silent)

using the grenade airstrike (silent)

spawning an anti-personel turret (silent)

constructing the GDF base tower (silent)

film clips (update 1 - update 2)
screenshots (update 1) - update 2

etqw beta film clips

not my film clip but hezzy's from #splashdamage @qnet. these are legit (just like the screens in the last post)

it's not that long. but it atleast show u some of how the sniper rifle works (except that he doesn't go through the different zoom levels).

another short one. shows the strogg spawn menu.

and a third. showing an example of the strogg artillery.

a fourth.. more strogg artillery!

and ofc a fifth.. showing how to not "fly" a strogg vehicle ;)

etqw beta screenshots

not my screen but hezzy's from #splashdamage @qnet. they are legit to post. i actually even asked about it just to make sure.

«04:18:32» {dohfOs} Salteh: so. is it ok to publish vids/pics from the public beta? :) :)
«04:18:46» {dohfOs} since it's _public_
«04:18:49» {@Salteh} afaik yes, dohfOs
«04:18:56» {dohfOs} cool