starcraft 2 - definitely not 2007

many had their hopes that the recently announced starcraft 2 was gonna hit the shelves due later this year. now it's been confirmed by blizzard game designer rob pardo in an interview he did with msnbc.com that this is not going to happend.

Speaking of secrets, what is your timeline for release for “StarCraft II?”

It’s a secret! I can give you the old Blizzard mantra of: “It’ll ship when it’s ready,” but it’s something that historically, we’ve learned to keep release dates really close to the vest. I think all game developers are extremely optimistic, and we used to give optimistic dates and we’d disappoint our fans when we didn’t hit them. So now, I think we’ve just gotten more gun shy. The only thing I can give you [that’s] concrete is it’s not going to be this year. Some people were hoping, because of how advanced the game looks, that we’d have it out by Christmas, but that’s definitely not happening.

so.. guess i won't have to be worrying about wether i'm gonna play sc2 or et:qw this autumn then. and the "definitely not happening" makes an early 2008 questionable aswell :>

souce and full interview:

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