denmark - sweden, the day after

so.. i was gonna post some youtube-film thingy here that showed what happened yesterday. but ironicly there was none to be found. well. none that showed the whole thing atleast.

so. the game itself. sweden was up 3-0 after 25 minutes or so. after that, it was all denmark. denmark ruled the game and the only swedish player that was quite allright was elmander, rest was just pure shit. anyways. denmark tied the game 3-3 and kept the pressure high. sweden had one oppertunity in the last minutes but it wasn't really dangerous. well, not until you saw rosenberg fall in the penely area, the danish supporters who started boo'ing and the linesmen who waved for the main refs attention.

on the replay you could see the danish defender poulsen knock rosenberg down with a clear fist straight into rosenbergs stomach. ref called it a red ard for poulsen and awarded sweden with a penalty. 5 secs later a danish supporters enters the field, rushes towards the ref and throws an arm into the refs face. calmed down by the danish players the supporter leaves the field and walks back to the stand. the 4 refs decides that they have to hear with the uefa representatives what to do next so he calls all the players off the field.

now, this it what noone seems to write about. - WHILE the refs are out and discussing the security with the uefa representatives there is first A SECOND DANISH SUPPORTER, comming from the danish stands (behind the danish penalty-area). he picks up the ball from the penalty spot and runs with it to the other side, the security guards are walking slowly to meet him in the swedish penalty area, but he dribbles 'em and scores. the danish crowd chants and applaud him. as this wasn't enough. there is yet again, A THIRD DANISH SUPPORTER crossing the field without getting taken care of, when he gets to the other side the security guard he meets up with there actually pats him on his shoulder as a friendly gesture.

i find it quite ironic that noone seems to care about those two last supporters as i believe that the ref wouldn't have called the game of in the 89th minute just due to 1 drunk supporter, but when there was 2 more supporters running cross the field when they were discussing wheter the security was good enough or not they made it impossible to continue the game.

oh.. and the result? sweden got a w/o winning the game with 3-0 (horray since i'm swede). that result does in no way reflect how the game was played as the danish team outplayed the swedish. but when you let 3 supporters running freely on the pitch without even trying to interfere with 'em, this is the result you get for that.

don't blame the supporters who ran (even though they are ofcourse morons and shouldn't do wat they did) - blame the security. because it was the lack of security that made the refs and uefa representatives call of the game and give sweden a 3-0 victory. an unfair result looking on how te game was played, but a righteous result looking on how the security was handled, 'cuz - there was no danish security to talk about.

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