et:qw to be released july/september

so. it seems like et:qw has been pushed to the next release quarter (which means july-august-september). that was revealed yesterday by activision (et:qw game publisher) in a conference call with their investors.

During a conference call today, Activision revealed it now expects Enemy Territory: Quake Wars to ship during the July-September quarter, the second of its fiscal year. Though, like all id Software titles, its official release date is "when it's done," Activision had previously planned that it would come out by the end of June.

The slip was not totally unexpected, as online retailers such as GameStop.com now list Quake Wars as shipping in mid-July. Originally developed as a PC-only title, the oft-delayed game is now being ported to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Under id's supervision, Splash Damage is developing the PC original, with Nerve Software and Z-Axis handling the 360 and PS3 versions, respectively.

meaning, when it's done - but july at the earliest.


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