etqw have gone gold

yup, finally enemy territory: quake wars have gone gold. meaning, the retail-version of the game is finished and sent to the manufacturers for mass production. the demo-version of etqw is planned to be released in mid-september, so in about 2 weeks from now. hopefully with a new map (nothing official about that yet though). other then that the official release date in europe is the 28th september if you for some reason have missed out on that piece of info.

Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars is GOLD!
by Locki on Thu, 2007-08-30 18:12.

Back in 2003, we started exchanging design ideas with id Software for what started out as a fairly modest attempt to evolve the team-play in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Now, four years later, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars has officially gone GOLD! For those of you not familiar with the development term, going gold means that the retail game is complete, and that master DVDs have gone to manufacturing, and will then head to stores. This makes us especially proud, not just because of the incredible passion and effort that the development teams have invested these past four years, but especially because of the amazing support the community has given us.

We could never have dreamed that before we had even released the game, we would have had over 100,000 posts on the game's forums, over 80,000 registrants for the Betas, or that we would meet thousands of you in person in London, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, and Germany on the many ETQW tours and events we've attended.

It is a direct result of your support and the buzz that you've all generated both here, and on more than fifty fan-sites in so many different countries and languages that Enemy Territory: QUAKE has won so many awards, but most importantly, has been the subject of more great community feedback on the Betas than I've ever seen at any time with any other game.

Of course this is just the beginning of the next phase – that of the ongoing support for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. Our first goal after completing the game's demo (planned for release in mid-September - we're working on that right now) will be to watch closely and address any issues that come up in the first few weeks after the game's release. Next, we'll be putting the polish on the Software Developers Kit, including the Source Code, Level Design Tools and documentation to make sure mod-makers get what they need.

So it is with our deepest gratitude that we'd like to thank all of the community members that have contributed so much to helping us get the game to gold.

The game's retail release is on September the 28th for Europe and Australia, and October the 2nd in North America. We can't wait to see you all on the servers!

etqw community site

junk52 adds wolf

as i wrote about earlier, junk52 is back on track with a etqw team. just the other day we decided to add a 7th player to the team, wolf, former one.soldier-player who brings a great aim to the squad.

j52 lineup:
Tim 'StrykY' Wouters
Bart 'Jaede' Van Remortele
Martin 'dohfOs' Lundén
Erik 'Guru' Staffans
Mike 'DranzerXTC' Büsing
Sebastian 'asmo' Jenke
Jose 'wolf' Estrela

welcome mate.

#junk52 @ qnet.


junk52 theatre announces etqw team

Today Junk52 Theatre is proud to present to you their new ET:QW team. After their recent inactivity they felt it was time to get back into E-sports. They decided to rebuild their community and organization, and with the current state of e-sports, an ET:QW team is important! So we contacted Tim "StrykY" Wouters as he was looking for a new team to join. We asked him if he was interested in building a new team for us.

He found this an interesting option and contacted some players to see what was possible. After several weeks of recruiting / trialling several players - he found players from the W:ET scene as-well as from the BF scene. He decided that this would be the best line-up.

So without further waiting we present to you Junk52.ETQW

Tim 'StrykY' Wouters
Bart 'Jaede' Van Remortele
Martin 'dohfOs' Lundén
Erik 'Guru' Staffans
Mike 'Dranzer' Büsing
Sebastian 'asmogan' Jenke

Statement by Mathias "liame" S. - Manager of Junk52
After the new reorganization of junk, we had a hard way of going. We needed new managers and teams - also alot of motivation. As the motivation was born, we got new managers, new stuff at least new teams. Now junk52 can say that we are a brand and a professional multigaming clan. We are very glad about the new etqw players. They are very kind and skilled guys. We`re looking optimistically in the future a big "thank you" to stryky, asmogan, guru, jaede, dohfOs, dranzer.

j52 - homepage

other pages with the announcement:

a wicked korean guitarist

at first i didn't find it that impressive. but the longer i watched it, it kept on getting better, so i suggest you do the same.


team beyond goes hardmethod gaming

earlier my team beyond decided to join the mgc hardmethod gaming (hMg), hence - the following newsitem was released on behalf of our new team. please note that i have no idea what "and with the upcoming lans also offline" means.. but maybe that's just me ^^

hardMethod Gaming is pleased to announce that we have secured the services of a ET: Quake Wars team. They were known as Team Beyond. Beyond have proved themselves in online cups and with the upcoming lans also offline. This team has alot of potential to compete with the top of Europe.

Current line-up consist of:
Jesse 'Lukos' Huijskes
Daan 'Longbow' Stelder
Simon 'ViPer' Nolden
Thomas 'Janus' Bernink
Bart 'Jaede' Van Remortele
Martin 'dohfOs' Lundén
Erik 'Guru' Staffans
Adam 'adP' Parkes
Alexander 'merola' Merola

hMg Co-Chief Executive Officer Pavo gave the following statement:
"It is with great pleasure that i can welcome the ETQW team to hMg. This team has a great attitude to move forward and becoming better. I'm confident that they will succeed. We look forward to working with this team and hopefully its a long term agreement."

Player of the new ETQW team ViPer gave the following statement:
"I'm very happy that hMg invited us to be their Enemy Territory: Quake Wars squad, especially before the game has even hit the shelves. After talking to Pavo for a couple of days we came to an agreement that we think will benefit both parts. I truly believe hMg will give us the right support. Some of us old BF2-players knew Pavo from before so we know we can trust him. With the release of the actual game just ahead of us we have much to look forward to and I'm sure we can accomplish great things both online and offline wearing the hMg-tag!"

We say them welcome and good luck!

hardMethod Gaming
#hmgaming @ quakenet


etqw updates

it's been awhile now since i wrote anything and i thought it would be time for some updates..

first off, enemy territory: quakewars beta2, ETQuakeWarsBeta2Setup.exe has been released. d/l links:
qw.se - (768,80MB)
fileplanet - (768,80MB)

the beta 2 had the following updates:

- The map will be Valley (the one from the original QW videos)
- Bug and Balance fixing
- Improved Bots
- Improved Prediction and Player Physics
- Improved Vehicle Physics and Controls
- Improved Interface
- Improved Audio
- Improved Game Performance
- Improved PunkBuster
- Unranked Server Support
- New Statistics Website

as you can see, the map valley was introduced. and after playing this map now for awhile all i can say is that this map is one of the worst i've ever come to play in an online game, it's unbalanced, got 235656 vehicles and it got huge spots where u can glitch all over.

and some competitive results..
01. One2
02. cause
04. dignitas

cb beta cup
01. One2
02. cause
03. dignitas
04. wArning

etqw.euro #1
01. Kompaniet
02. One2
03. 4Rng
04. cause

inf cup by tlr
01. dignitas
02. TLR
03. lolicon

quakecon 07
01. dignitas
02. HOT
03. Check6
04. Demise

showcast from the quakecon 2007 - enemy territory: quake wars grand final can be found HERE.