etqw updates

it's been awhile now since i wrote anything and i thought it would be time for some updates..

first off, enemy territory: quakewars beta2, ETQuakeWarsBeta2Setup.exe has been released. d/l links:
qw.se - (768,80MB)
fileplanet - (768,80MB)

the beta 2 had the following updates:

- The map will be Valley (the one from the original QW videos)
- Bug and Balance fixing
- Improved Bots
- Improved Prediction and Player Physics
- Improved Vehicle Physics and Controls
- Improved Interface
- Improved Audio
- Improved Game Performance
- Improved PunkBuster
- Unranked Server Support
- New Statistics Website

as you can see, the map valley was introduced. and after playing this map now for awhile all i can say is that this map is one of the worst i've ever come to play in an online game, it's unbalanced, got 235656 vehicles and it got huge spots where u can glitch all over.

and some competitive results..
01. One2
02. cause
04. dignitas

cb beta cup
01. One2
02. cause
03. dignitas
04. wArning

etqw.euro #1
01. Kompaniet
02. One2
03. 4Rng
04. cause

inf cup by tlr
01. dignitas
02. TLR
03. lolicon

quakecon 07
01. dignitas
02. HOT
03. Check6
04. Demise

showcast from the quakecon 2007 - enemy territory: quake wars grand final can be found HERE.

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