junk52 theatre announces etqw team

Today Junk52 Theatre is proud to present to you their new ET:QW team. After their recent inactivity they felt it was time to get back into E-sports. They decided to rebuild their community and organization, and with the current state of e-sports, an ET:QW team is important! So we contacted Tim "StrykY" Wouters as he was looking for a new team to join. We asked him if he was interested in building a new team for us.

He found this an interesting option and contacted some players to see what was possible. After several weeks of recruiting / trialling several players - he found players from the W:ET scene as-well as from the BF scene. He decided that this would be the best line-up.

So without further waiting we present to you Junk52.ETQW

Tim 'StrykY' Wouters
Bart 'Jaede' Van Remortele
Martin 'dohfOs' Lundén
Erik 'Guru' Staffans
Mike 'Dranzer' Büsing
Sebastian 'asmogan' Jenke

Statement by Mathias "liame" S. - Manager of Junk52
After the new reorganization of junk, we had a hard way of going. We needed new managers and teams - also alot of motivation. As the motivation was born, we got new managers, new stuff at least new teams. Now junk52 can say that we are a brand and a professional multigaming clan. We are very glad about the new etqw players. They are very kind and skilled guys. We`re looking optimistically in the future a big "thank you" to stryky, asmogan, guru, jaede, dohfOs, dranzer.

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