etqw beta more clips and screens

so.. i keep updating the same newsitems but i thought i would start a new one as the other ones are getting kinda crowded. i've btw reached 1500+ unique visitors just today. much appreciated. hope you like what you see :)


anyways.. here's a longer film clip. the funniest part with this one is that it has basshunter (who sings this crap song in swedish) as soundtrack. but the guy who made the clip is from brazil. now, how on earth does that work?! oh well. to the clip.. ain't really _that_ good. he's mostly just fooling around blowing stuff up. bet he will be a good beta tester for splash damage ...ehrm. oh well. here it is.

u can also download some gameplay movies that hkfclan is hosting:
gameplay - indoor fighting with assault rifle
vehicle - flying around in an icarus
gameplay - oppressor
gameplay - shooting tires of an apc with a hyperblaster

here are some screens that shows what the scoreboard looks like and how the ingame ads could look. screens are from austin's album.

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