dohfOs - almost famous?

hah.. yeh. well, not really. but i found it quite funny that my site has drawn attention from both activision in the us and splash damage from uk (enemy territory: quake wars publisher and game designer if someone didn't allready know that). that was something i so did not expect since i haven't posted the link to my site on any site other then the qw.se-forums. i mean, how on earth did they find this site? ofcourse what they where looking for was "word from et:qw beta tester" that i wrote about the other day. well. atleast now i know what kinda computers they are using ^^ anyways av/sd: i hope you don't find that post crashing down on some rules that you have. if so, feel free to drop me a line and explain why on earth that is.

other then that "dohfOs - das fucked up website" has so far reached about 130+ unique visitors, and that within the first 2 days. gotta say i'm suprised. but i hope you people that visit my site atleast enjoy some parts of what's written and/or given to you in some way.

more to come...

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