huntelaar's payback

just had to post this one. in todays dutch playoff to the champions league my dutch fav. team afc ajax played az alkmaar. afc ajax won the game with 3-0 and are therefor going to play in the champions league next season. however, the fun doesn't end there. if u look at the gif-image in the post you'll see an alkmaar defender making an own goal (2-0). at the end of the clip a ajax player (huntelaar) throws himself infront of the dude and laughs.

the story is that the dude that made the own goal, kicked huntelaar in the stomach in the begin of the match. now, huntelaar gets his payback, and what a beauty ;>

view the whole clip and with better quality:
@ youtube

forza ajax, and forza my evil twin brother giel. good luck in the champions league next season!


Anonymous said...

omg i can almost see myself sitting in the crowd :o Near the corner flag, 5th row or somethin :)

dohfOs said...

almost famous!!