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enemy territory: quake wars, the game that's never gonna be released has been previewed (even though they call it an review) by crossfire.

it's one of the better previews out there 'cuz this dude ain't just talking about the gfx and the ├╝ltra cool vehicles and classes. this one is actually mentioning something we do wanna know more about such as gameplay, feeling, what it could hold for the future and he pretty much sums it up rather nicely. check it out.

Now though its time to look at the parts that only the clan player is going to be bothered about, that very personal question, how does it feel?

Well, it doesn’t feel like the good ol’ Quake 3 engine anymore, those days are well and truly gone. The Quake 3 engine allowed a freedom of movement that could make even the fattest gamer feel like a lean gazelle. The modified Doom 3 or Quake 4 engine, well its true in Quake 4 at least you do feel like you’re carrying a few extra pounds. In Quakewars the movement does feel a touch more brisk than in Quake4. The more people seem to work with this engine the better it gets, but as someone that has lived off Quake 3 engine games for so long, there is some work needed to get used to the engine.

Strafe jumping is very different, your second jump gives you just a little acceleration, after that point it is about using the map to give you speed. That in itself takes some time to master, there are many bumps and divots in the ground that you can land in on in correct angles to generate speed. Many outside objectives are underneath slopes or hills to allow the attacking soldiers the chance to gain some speed when coming from spawn, all in all it’s a very different method of picking up the speed.

If you run in a straight line in RTCW and run in a straight line ET:QW your speed is probably about the same, however there is a big noticeable difference that you’re on a ‘fatter’ game engine. I’m sure a technical wizard could come in and say the engine is not fatter it’s just bigger boned, but the truth is feeling fat isn’t great.

That fat feeling continues into the weapons fire and the duals. Describing the feeling of a 1on1 is very difficult, but in Quakewars that 1on1 adrenaline rush is hard to achieve because getting outta the way of your opponent and coming back for more is a little sluggish, it can often be too much of a case of who sees who first being the killer blow in the duel.

All in all the biggest drawbacks to the game come from being used to something for so long and perhaps just wanting that again. That’s never going to happen and with a good old slog at Quakewars you begin to get used to being fat, the more I play it, the more I enjoy it and that’s a very good sign and I’m also sure when I upgrade I will enjoy it even more as the lack of frames from my laptop is annoying.

The game itself? Its excellent, it’s a brilliantly crafted game that has thought of a lot of a lot to please both new and old players. I have no doubt in my mind that it will be both popular and long lasting. There is a lot to do and there’s still that immense teamplay dynamic that keeps you engrossed in clan wars. For me I’ve been waiting for a game to get stuck into once again and finally it has come. Its got it all, it is the next step for Wolfenstein fans its just a case finding the right way to approach it so that you’re ready for something that is going to come from left field.

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