Wolfenstein.Gather host their 3rd Cup


So, it's once again time for another #Wolfenstein.Gather-cup. This sunday (13th) the cup will run from 20 CET.

After the great success of seasons 1 & 2, we've decided to create another cup for this coming Sunday!

To compete in this cup, you need a working copy of Wolfenstein for the PC, a team, WolfPro 0.1b & sportsmanship.

The cup will begin at 20:00 CET on Sunday 13th September 2009. We're aiming for 32 teams. It's single elimination. There will be 1 map per round & the maps will be played in this order:

* Round 1: mp_manor (20:00 CET)
* Round 2: mp_hospital (20:30 CET)
* Round 3: mp_bank (21:00 CET)
* Round 4: mp_facility (21:30 CET)
* Round 5: Each team will pick a map from the maplist (22:00 CET)

Previous winners:
Team Dignitas (Round #1)
one4one (Round #2)

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