doffelicious eSport by dohfOs - soon in a computer near you


It's been awhile now since the last post on eSport.dohfOs.eu. But things are starting to once again slowly move. It's time to bring the page back up and it's time to make some changes. There are going to be four major changes since last time;

- namechange, from "New Koddblogg" to "doffelicious eSport by dohfOs".
- change of language, from Swedish to English.
- change of game, from CoD4 to Wolfenstein.
- change of logo, for obvious reasons.

Once the page opens up "for real" the main goal will be to make it a nice compliment to excisting community-page Crossfire.nu. Date of release is yet to be decided. But since it will be covering an id-game, let's just say - when it's done!

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