etqw beta 2 announced

i'm guessing i'm one of those morons who still ain't tired of playing the sewer map. however, paul "locki" wedgwood announced in todays (read mondays) irc chat (#etqwbeta) that there will be a "beta 2" which will include a new map, most likely valley.

"After the Programmers have completed their testing of new things like the anti-lag code in updates (along with Bots), we'll be releasing a brand new build called Beta 2. This 'Beta 2' will feature a new map.

At the moment we think that Valley will be the best choice, as it features additional vehicles (such as the Anansi Hovercopter, and the MCP objective). To give you a sense of how much performance has improved, I've been playing Valley today against bots on a 7-series NVIDIA in 1600 x 900 with all graphics settings maxed out. It looked amazing and I got really good frame-rates.

We don't have a timeline to announce yet for beta 2"

beta 2 will not require a new beta key so those of us who allready got one can stay cool and keep on playing. it also remains unsure however valley will replace sewer completely in the beta or if we'll get a map rotation with both sewer and valley included.

update: seems like sewer will be removed. wils from splashdamage explains:

It means we've gotten enough feedback on Sewer and don't want to make you all sick of it before release

pitty if u ask me.. but then again. it's just a beta.

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