junk52 in retail

1 week ahead of the etqw release we decided it was time for some changes in our lineup. this meant we wouldn't have a full lineup for awhile but now, after quite alot of work we've finally found the ones we've been looking for to complete the lineup of Junk52 Theatre.

with Snejk (former xGx) being promoted from a backup player to a regular team member and with the new addition of Murre things are starting to look good.

this makes the following lineup:
Mike 'DranzerXTC' Büsing (Team Captain)
Bart 'Jaede' Van Remortele
Martin 'dohfOs' Lundén
Erik 'Guru' Staffans
Johan 'Snejk' Svensson
Tobias 'Murre' Balenius

we will be participating in the following tournaments during the upcoming weeks:
ESL Major Series (swedish qualifier)
ESL Opening Cup 6v6
ESL Opening Cup 4v4
CB OpenCup Fall 2007

#junk52 @ qnet.

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