dohfOs etqw demo config

update: for my etqw config that i use for the full game. please see --> http://dohfos.blogspot.com/2007/10/dohfos-etqw-config.html

so. sharing my config for the etqw demo. i wouldn't say it's _that_ great. but atleast it's working for me. with this config i have approx 120-200 fps (it's unlocked). notice that if you drive the titan u have to change the g_fov "110" to "90" (default) otherwise it's bugged as hell.

moved the file to filefront on 22/9-07

what you need to do in steps:
1. go to your "C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars Demo"-folder.
2. make a safety-copy of your "base" and "sdnet"-folder and put it somewhere else.
3. remove your old "base" and "sdnet"-folders from "C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars Demo" (if it's still there).
4. unrar/zip my config (that you've just downloaded) into that very same folder.
5. rename the "yourusernamehere"-folder (inside sdnet) to whatever your username is.
6. log into the game and sort your settings (binds, sensitivity, name etc).
7. beg to god it worked out allright. if not, just delete what you just did and go back to the old files i told you to make a safety-copy of - or, try again.

if u do not follow these steps i cannot promise stuff will look and work as they do for me. so that's ofcourse up to the downloader.

glhf & visit #junk52 @ quakenet.

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