why include sewers in the etqw demo?

as i hang around quite alot on irc, and the etqw developers channel (#splashdamage) @ quakenet i saw some random person asking one of the devs why they didn't include sewers in the demo, and here's the log.

[14:39:29] [Chosi] what's the reason for not including sewers in the demo anyways?
[14:40:36] [@jRAD|Work] what would the reason be FOR including sewers in the demo? :)
[14:40:43] [Chosi] having another map
[14:40:47] [Chosi] ?
[14:40:53] [@jRAD|Work] you want more maps, buy the game in 2 weeks :)
[14:44:20] [j52|dohfOs] jRAD|Work: sewer is more infantry friendly, hence it would attract more players from games such as w:et, cod and cs/cs:s. that's the reason why you should've included sewer (or just used sewer and not valley). sewer shows enough of what etqw is about (as it includes everything except a boat).
[14:44:43] [@digibob] O_o
[14:44:52] [GK-Duck] no anansi in sewr
[14:45:03] [+Tron-] also Valley is bigger
[14:45:07] [j52|dohfOs] still a flyer in sewer
[14:45:33] [j52|dohfOs] tormentor should be enough to showcase etqw flyers.
[14:48:14] • @jRAD|Work goes back to work :)

find it kinda facinating that my "statement" was totally ignored -.-

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