one2 answered the call

One2, known to most from their dominant time in the early stages of ET:QW (both as One2 and Copenhagen e-Sports) and being unbeaten in BF2142 have taken another step.

After the sucess with rebuilding the ET:QW-team a decision was made that we were gonna switch scene, from ET:QW to the newly released Call of Duty 4. CoD4 have so far met our expectations and the future looks bright indeed. And as the ET:QW-scene just kept falling apart this seemed to be the correct move for us.

One2 CoD4 lineup
Joakim 'Numse' Åberg (Team Captain)
Martin 'dohfOs' Lundén
Tobias 'empee' Jansson
Simon 'Keno' Eriksson
Tobias 'Murre' Balenius
Anton 'saxs' Malmberg

empee and Keno are both new to the team since our move to CoD4, but since we know them from before I think they'll merge with the others just fine.

My ( dohfOs) comment about One2:
After junk52.etqw fell apart and my best mate Guru left for Thailand, One2 seemed like the best choice for me. And after playing for quite awhile together with the guys I knew I was here to stay and once Numse made up his mind about moving to Call of Duty 4 it was an easy decision for me. At the time being there is nothing left for me in ET:QW and even though I loved the gameplay of ET:QW, it lacked in so many other aspects I find it almost impossible to continue playing it until some kinda saviour arrives.

With One2.CoD4 we're aiming high. I think we got the potential to suprise the whole scene with some good results even though it's hard to say were we stand at the moment as we don't have a single former CoD2-player with us but it feels like we're in great shape and soon ready for some real action.

Visit us:
#one2 @ QuakeNet.


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