Infused tar in gamla team-ephix

Sedan organisationen team-ephix la ner verksamheten (läs mer..) tidigare i juni har CoD4-sektionen letat efter en ny stöttepelare. Nu tycker man sig ha hittat rätt i Infused och det blir med den taggen laget kommer visa upp sig under Antwerp eSport Festival, The-Experience samt i34.

revoltz kommenterar:

With the announcement a few weeks ago that team ephix would cease to exist as an organisation, we have received numerous offers interested in our services for the summer and the foreseeable future. Infused stood out amongst the crowd in both professionalism and support, and I would like to thank all of the parties for their interest in the team - however in the end the choice was not a difficult one. We hope that we can represent an organisation on the level of Infused with the right maturity and dedication that they deserve. We have planned attendances for the big three in the summer, and hopefully every major European event afterwards. Thanks for everybody who has stuck by us, and see you in Belgium!

Nya Team Infused:
Gertjan "V1oqor" Dordmond
Tim "revoltz" Denton
Will "will" Nye
Kez "brokN" Holmes
Adam "vanner" Vanner


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