Flame-Instinct tillbaka

Den holländska organisationen Flame-Instinct är nu åter tillbaka när man valt att plocka in ett relativt okänt lag. Laget innehåller 3 britter och 2 slovenier - en något udda mix om man frågar mig. Tiden får utvisa huruvida detta lag blir något att hänga upp i julgranen eller ej..

germaine, Flame-Instinct.CoD4-spelare:

We're very pleased to join Flame-Instinct, aaight's a cool guy. They've been somewhat lacking a CoD team as of late and we hope to do them proud giving them such results as the old CoD2 teams did previously. We now look forward to the prospects of such online events as the CODQCUP. Shoutouts to the TLR.dod:s team, LOOPY, smithy, crokey and the duo of RaMBooN and nreo ;)

aaight, Flame-Instinct manager:
Well, after we decided to get active again in any way possible we got in touch with simp4u. We're still getting started and not sure what the future holds for our teams since we don't have any management at the moment, but as soon as I've got some spare time I'll be contacting some of the old companies I used to work with. But in the mean time we'll simply be keeping track of our teams and trying to help out in any way possible.

Flame-Instinct lineup:

Fnatic.com (källa)

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