CMAX.gg tar in gamla teamxeq


Finska teamxeq har nu tagit ett steg närmare offline-scenen när man nu tagits in i organisationen CMAX.gg, mest kända från CS 1.6 där ens lag dock droppade ut p.g.a. för dålig support. I vilket fall som helst är det trevligt att ett redan etablerat eSport-namn (såsom CMAX.gg) tar sig an CoD4 och det är väl bara att hoppas att fler gör detsamma.

CMAX|roychez, general manager:
After a pretty short conversation and negotiation with Laqunalleh from teamxeq, we already got it all wrapped up. It feels great to have teamxeq represending Team CMAX.gg and we hope they will be able to set their results forward under the CMAX tag, both online and offline.

Statement från Laqunalleh:
After months of searching a proper organisation we are now happy to aonnounce our future home! Teamxeq will from now on play under the name of Team CMAX.gg. They just gave us a opportunity we just couldn't bypass, as we really want to proove what we do at lan events. And with the help of Team CMAX.gg that is possible.

Our first lan event will most likely be Spectrum Lan event in finland 23. - 25.5 and after that in every CoD4 lan that Finland has to offer. You will also be able to see us live at some europe lans in near future.

CMAX.gg lineup:

Fnatic.com (delkälla)
eSports4all.com (delkälla)


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najs ja, kul med fler "kända" organisationer