OCRANA satsar på CoD4!


Ytterligare ett lite tyngre namn har valt att satsa på CoD4, denna gången är det tyska kraftverket OCRANA som väljer att plocka in före detta bioXar. Just nu deltar man i ESL EMS där man hittills har vunnit 1 match samt förlorat 1. Återstår att se hur framtiden ser ut för den gamla klassiska oldschool-MGC'n men visst är det kul med namn som man känner igen. I sommar kommer vi få se OCRANA på Antwerp eSport Festival.

Statement Frederik "Estrovald" Böckelmann (OCRANA Management):
After our decision in summer 2007 to close down our Call of Duty II squad, we are proud to announce our new Call of Duty 4 team just one year after this step. We put in a great effort to find a team, which was able to satisfy our expectations; a squad with young, experienced players and a lot of potential. In our point of view, we exactly found this team with (ex) BioXar. The contact to the players was established a long time ago, which makes us even more confident about our decision. Due to a few changes in the lineup, the team will still need some time to settle and sort things out but we are optimistic that in a few days time there shouldn't be any problems left. Our main target is obviously to take hold in the Call of Duty 4 scene and to compete with top 5 national and international teams. We are looking forward to a successful time with the team around "Isi", which will be managed by n2l. OCRANA is delighted to welcome you on board!

Statement Tobias "n2L" Kaßner (Team-Manager):
I think I speak on behalf of the team if I speak out a "Big Thanks" to Bioxar.FortKnox and especially to Christian "Opfa" Wandel. We spend more than a year with competing for our old clan, but it was time to make a cut and move on. Today we are proud to be able to join the German oldschool clan OCRANA. With the increasing strength and experience of the team, it was time to change to a more professional clan, which supports us on a higher level than BioXar was able to. Our aim is to represent OCRANA in the best possible way and to fulfill the expectations of the community, because we know that we tread in the footsteps of a successful Call of Duty Vanilla Team. However, we are going to attend to the eSport Festival at the Hilton Hotel (Belgium) this summer in order to show our skill against international top teams.

OCRANA lineup:
Esmail "Isi" Asadi
Steffen "flinN" Barth
Konstantin "gear" Koch
Luca "fajen" Bischoff
Claus "-neo-" Siekmann
Kevin "reflexzeR" Klempera
Ricardo "aYe" Kaßner

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Anonymous said...

7 stycken i lineupn :S

Anonymous said...

anonym: mm.. men såvitt jag förstod var aye egentligen backup, men folket i ocrana ville absolut inte att det skulle stå men i själva posten så skippade det.

svårt nog att gå runt på 6.