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Team Dignitas har varit rubrikernas lag under den senaste tiden, dels efter att frontpersonen Mick hamnat utanför laget i en veckas tid och nu senast då man åkte på en default-förlust i EuroCup efter att en spelare använt fel CoD4-installation och således även fel guid, sedan valde man att lämna turneringen som en protest. Personen i fråga är Bas "SKO" Dirks och det är just han som CoDgaming.dk valt att intervjua.

How did you get started with gaming, and what lead you to eventually join the infamous Dignitas squad?
I got started with tetris, and bow and arrow, and after that I started buying games on floppy disks from a local store. When we bought a better pc I played Tomb Raider (3 & 4), and after a while I tried Half-life, and it's mods. I really like TFC, and soon I got hooked on Day of Defeat. After proning with sniper in rubble for a couple of months, I joined a clan, and pretty soon followed better clans, among which was TWR. I played in Eurocup and Nationcup, with TWR and Team Netherlands respectively. The DoD community started dying, so I moved on to vCoD. In each incarnation of Call of Duty I have had many successes, most notably with x6. I started playing CoD4 somewhere in February, after being in-active from gaming for about 10 months. I just asked in cod4.invite whether someone wanted to pick me up, and Mick said "yep". And that's how it went.

Can you describe the players and their roles on the team?
Blackmane snipes, and wins a lot of clutches. Raz can have 5 round streaks of ownage, and it's quite useful when that happens :D. Mick can consistently break up defences with his ak74u spasticness. Plazma is a spawncamping viking, and he makes sure people are covered (:>>>), and I try to fill up holes in our attack, as well as try to make calls about strategy.

i33 has obviously been Dignitas' most prestigious win since CoD4 launched, can you describe the event and what it felt like winning it?
i33 went really smoothly. We didn't have much expectations of our own performance, but everything just worked for us. Winning was of course incredible.

You are known for being the wizard behind Dignitas' change in performance over the past months. What's your secret recipe?
It's many little things added up that allowed this change to happen. It's probably part placebo, part real. I think my addition has mostly brought stability to the team.

You finished 2nd in the recent CGS CoD4 tournament, loosing to fnatic in the final. What went wrong in that last match?
It's hard to explain. We didn't have any energy/will to win left in us. If I try to explain it further, it will look like I am making excuses. Fnatic played really well, that's it.

How did you experience the event, and do you see a future for CoD4 in CGS?
The event was very boring for us as players. We flew in friday morning, and went home monday evening, meaning we spent about 82 hours on this event. We only play 5 matches, of which 4 took only about 20 minutes each, if that. This means there was an aweful lot of sitting around to be done. The event itsself was pretty cool, nice venue, good staff, well organized. Props to CGS.

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