ZelLion plockar in f.d. cZar

Den franska, för mig - något okända organisationen ZelLion har valt att satsa på CoD4 genom att plocka in YourMGC, före detta cZar som man lämnade p.g.a. för dålig support (förstår dock inte hur man kan bli överraskad av något sådant). Som ZelLion kommer nu laget delta på offline-events såsom AEF och i34 - d.v.s. om man lyckas få tag på biljetter.

Lagets manager reebeN förklarar:

The team has been looking for a new organization and this since we left cZar Gaming for a lack of support. The line up and the level has been involving a lot, and we are now ready to play for this summer and the events like AEF and the Milk CDF (plus i34, if we manage to get a slot).

Today, we are really proud to be a part of the www.zelLion.fr organization and we will work a lot to be as professional as we can and we will show them than we deserve all the support that they will give. We are now sure that all event will be supported financially and this is the best to focus on our own level.

For people who wants to know what is zelLion, it is known as a computer constructor in France, and they are selling only in their own supermarket in the north of our country and by their online shop. Hoping that you will support us during the next months, we will now enjoy under our new tag and do our best to bring CoD4 to the top.

ZelLion lineup:
Patrick "woodz" Schaekels
Trim "Cloack" Camaj
Yann "sp1n" Koby
Florian "w1ndz" Amherd
Jérôme "karko" Abbadie

#team-zellion @ QNet.
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