SK plockar in L-KING och tar tillbaka thunder

Tyska jätten SK-Gaming som haft allt annat än flyt på senaste tiden presenterar nu sitt nyaste tillskott till laget och det är ingen annan än CoD2-hjälten L-KING som nu kommer tillbaka till scenen. L-KING har gjort ett officiellt framträdande hittills i CoD4 och det var när han som standin spelade i Team Dignitas under CGS där Dignitas slutade 2:a. En annan ganska humoristisk sak är att thunder nu officiellt är tillbaka i SK-Gaming, detta efter sin utflykt till SPEED-LINK (läs mer här & här).

Nu står SK med en jätte lineup innehållande hela 7 personer. Frågan är hur bra det är för ett lag som satsar lika högt som SK-Gaming åtminstone borde göra.

Manager Fuchsstute kommenterar:

The first step is done. Like everyone realised we, the SK Call of Duty Team, had not our best time in the last months, because we had to clearify inner problems before thinking about good results in Tournaments or LAN Events. It was not easy and we needed some changings, but now after the trouble about thunders future we are happy he will stay with us at SK Gaming. But this was not our major problem. We still needed another player to complete our idea of a Six player lineup. Because of that we reactivated and welcome L-King as our new player. Including him we now got already 3 old SPEED-LINK players in our roster so in my opinion we will have the necessary power to climb the top. L King is a very experienced person who already won many Offline Events like the WSVG in Dallas with Tek9. He is exactly what SK needs at the moment. He is highly motivated to repeat his succesful career of CoD2 also in the fourth part, but this time with SK. But also the rest of the team is on fire and wants to tie in with the success of the beginning of CoD 4. Now, after the activity and seriousness is back we think positive about our future and we'll try to get the #1 of Europe. We have the greatest mix of Players and we won't let us stop by other teams, so take care.

Hela SK-bataljonen:
Andy 'flie' Rhein
Andre 'iFEARdilemma' Merzinsky
Daniel 'L-KING' Luther
Burak 'MOKAI' Bolat
Michael 'spaR' Ege
Volkan 'thunder' Kocakahya
Turgut 'Respawn' Yildiz (Backup)



Anonymous said...

glömt att dom är turkar din nOOb? : )

Anonymous said...

dom bor i tyskland?

Anonymous said...

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