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Sample This

Sample This har fått göra åtskilliga lineup-ändringar under den senaste tiden. Nu hoppas laget att man gjort sina sista när man presenterar sin nya lineup innehållande inte mindre än 2 nya spelare från KaOS. Detta gör att KaOS nu fått släppa hela 3 spelare till Sample This vilket i sin tur innebär att KaOS lägger ner sin CoD4-satsning där Druidz-bekante obama och klanhoppande robyYE hamnat i ingenmansland. De två spelarna som tar steget över till Sample This denna gången är lrs och nielsson, frågan som återstår nu är vilken nivå denna nya lineup kan komma upp till.

mean med en kommentar:
The major clean-up has been done. The quitting of five of our main players leaving only ImpreZ and me probably didn't go unnoticed I think. After the Acer Challenge we thought such changes were needed, cause we were in the need of some professionalism. In lrs, kajsk1ng and nielsson we think we have found motivated players, that can surely bring us to a next level. I wanna thank each player that we splitted with and wish them gl in the future.

lrs kommenterar splittringen i KaOS:
What can I say, I guess it comes as a surprise to alot of people, but lately the atmosphere in the KaoS team hasn’t been great. I noticed most of my energy went into making sure the everybody was getting along smoothly. This had a negative effect on my game but most of all my fun. I realised this wasn’t working out the way we planned and my motivation dropped. All of a sudden a got a pm from Kaj, I knew he had been playing with sample-this and he told me they were interested in me as well. After a couple days of playing CoD4 & TF2, I noticed myself having fun again. Next to that I get to keep playing with Niels and Kaj, so I think we’ve got a bright future ahead of us. I do wish to thank the KaoS management for their time and devotion and the players we leave behind, good luck to all of you!

Nya Sample This:


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