Antwerp eSports Festival med fet prispott

Nu har Antwerp eSports Festival, AEF utannonserat både vilka lag som fått en direktinvite till CoD4-turneringen, utökat prispotten samt slagit upp sin hemsida. Trevliga tider för CoD4-älskare med andra ord.

Den absolut roligaste läsningen är väl den att CoD4 får en prispott värd hela 30000 € (283 755 SEK), där det är uppdelat på 20000 (189 170 SEK) i kontanter och resten i hårdvara. Första plats ger 94 585 SEK kontant och ytterligare 37 834 i prylar - Inte illa!

Prize distribution Call of Duty 4 (PC)
1st : 10,000 € + 4,000 € hardware
2nd : 6,000 € + 1,000 € hardware
3rd : 3,000 € + 1,000 € hardware
4th : 1,000 € + 1,000 € hardware
5th – 8th : hardware prizes (1,000 € each)

Total : 20,000 € cash and 10,000 € hardware

De direkt-inbjudna lagen:
SK Gaming
TEK9 Networks
Team Dignitas
Team Pandemic
Roskilde Ravens

All other teams will have to use the first come first serve if they wish to attend the event. Full registrations for the remaining 32 slots will be open on Sunday 11th of May 2008 at 19.00 CET. We will use bank transfer and all teams are strongly adviced to have online banking on hand to pay and thus reserve their slot. We do this to keep a level playing field between all teams coming from all over the world.

Furthermore, all teams will also need to register their team and all their players on the TEK9 website prior to paying for the event. Failure to do so can result in your slot going to another team even though you paid quicker! This also goes for the invited teams!

The full AEF website will be released shortly with more information on various subjects and some very exciting news! Stay tuned for more information as it will be released one of these days!

We strongly advice all teams / players to stay in the Hilton hotel. Not only will staying in the Hilton be cheaper then it has ever been, it also facilitates the event itself.

There will be a 0 refund policy

Team tickets will be 350 € and will allow attendance for 5 + 1 persons.



Anonymous said...

1st : 10,000 € + 4,000 € hardware

Är ju jävligt mycke!!!!!

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ofta 4kings e invitade. Deras lag är sämre än sämst imo

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ofta konte har en åsikt.

AAAh, juste det har han ju.