Druidz med full lineup!


Då har äntligen Druidz fått tag i en 5:e spelare och valet fall till slut på Daniel "phunkee" Pettersson. Samtidigt passar man på att berätta att man fått en direkt-invite till The-Experience.

Finally we have come to this point when Team Druidz can announce their final Call of duty 4 lineup! We have been struggling to get a lineup which we can send out to compete in The eXperience and i34. After some testing with various players we have found the man for the job to fill the Druidz lineup.

We welcome Daniel "Phunk" Pettersson to the team and hope he will enjoy his time in crazy Druidz. He has experience since Vietcong, vCod and cod2 and played for teams like syKotic and sketch e-sports.

Phunk is an fantastic player with alot of qualities and together with the others I think we can go far. With our new partner GamesCity IT-café allows us to bootcamp whenever we want to so we can perpare our game far better than the other teams. We aiming for bootcamp every second month maybe even more when the summer is coming.

I also want to announce that Team Druidz also got an invite to The eXperience together with the 23 other invited teams. We feel honoured to be invited and we will give 110% with this lineup to prove we earned it.

Druidz nya lineup:
Thomas "Overkill" Johansson
Emil "mickStah" Eriksen
Hanna "H@nn@" Johansson
Emelie "EmiZ" Jansson
Daniel "phunkee" Pettersson

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Phunkee, kan man äta de eller? :)

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På tiden ;) lycka till druider. ses på lan (bootcamp)

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gl hf phunk!

phunkee said...

gurgla vill du ha mig

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