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Sample This

Ett utav de absolut starkaste lagen från Benelux-området är Sample This. De gjorde sig först kända som xciteuk under CODQCUP under Januari där man överraskade alla utom sig själva och tog sig mycket långt. Man har även fortsatt prestera helt ok och är i skrivande stund fortsatt kvar i EuroCup-slutspelet efter att man vunnit sin grupp och alldeles nyligen slagit ut Oslo Lions ur lower bracket.

Community-sidan eSports4all har gjort en intervju med en utav lagets frontfigurer, belgiske kEVINNNN där man tar upp bland annat just EuroCup men även vad sommaren har att ge för laget.

Q: You are also playing in EC. There you performed well against known teams so what is your aim in this cup?
A: After beating the Oslo Lions few days ago, we surely hope to get further in the Eurocup. I think we should be facing Team-Speedlink in the next round so, I hope we can take that win home. If that happens then we will see how everything turns out.

Q: Where do you see your team in the european top ranking of all the cod4 teams?
A: I think Sample This is definately a team who belongs to the top 10 in the Europe. Tobad we can't attend EAX/TEX, but we will try to proof ourselfs in the Acer Challenge.

Q: Today you must also perform on lans to be a top team. Have you got any experiences there and what are your plans for the future?
A: Well, we attended 2 lans so far: OCC24 (In Belgium) and The Party 6 (In the Netherland). We both ended first in those lans. And plans for the future..
We will be attending the Acer challenge that is coming up soon. Hope we can take the first prize home. I heard Komacrew is attending aswell, so this might be our chance to proof ourself to everyone in the community.

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