Mannen bakom AEF och Tek-9 intervjuad

Fnatic.com har genom roychez intervjuat dfb, mannen bakom bland annat Tek-9.org, Antwerp eSport Festival och Gamevibes som knyter dessa samman. Föga förvånande är det just dessa ämnen som tas upp och vill ni ha lite trevlig läsning kan jag rekomendera denna intervju.

Q: Seeing you are doing some great stuff to improve gaming in the Belgium, do you see e-Sports grow into a real sport in Belgium and Europe, like in countries such as Korea and China, or will it never become that large? Is there anything the gamers could help with this?
I don’t see it growing like in other countries but on the positive side there has been a lot of attention going towards gaming from the companies, government and media which I can only applaud. We are moving in the right direction but it’s going extremely slow. Let’s hope for the best!

Q: You recently started a company called 'Gamevibes', could you explain what it is?
A: Gamevibes is a BVBA (company form in Belgium) that I started to further expand the professionalism at which all operations of the various brands are done. We now have an accountant working with us as well as a lawyer and access to various resources we didn’t have before. It allowed us to put all the brands we have (TEK9, AEF, …) under one name and we will be adding new brands and activities shortly.

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