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Kapten mintR i Fnatic har inför sommarens alla offline-events blivit intervjuad av Inferno eSports. Intervjun i sig är väldigt matnyttig och täcker både "inför sommaren" samt en del om CoD4:as framtid, så vill ni ha lite trevlig läsning så här på sena måndags-eftermiddan så passa på att läsa denna.

Q: Call of Duty 4 has a lot of player that come from some other games such as Enemy Territory, Counterstrike and so on. Why? Do you think that they have some advantages or disadvantages against a player that come from Call of Duty 2?

fnatic\mintR: I think CoD4 had really great timing when it was released, CoD2 had opened a lot of eyes with people in other games and this really hyped up game delivered what it promised to a lot of people out there who maybe were a little tired of their old games, fast paced lots of action and easy to pick up but that can still be a game where there is a higher level of skill to reach for. Also it plays a little bit different from the most games we have seen so far. As for players coming into CoD4 from CoD2 or from any other game, the lean could be an issue and perhaps the aiming a little for some people but all in all I’d say it’s a very easy game to pick up. Not in a way that the game is too easy, it’s not as easy as just being able to kill in a match situation. I think if you want to become really good at this game, you can and then what it comes down to is individual skill and smarts, not if you have played the previous game or not.

Q: In Call of Duty 4 we saw that there are a lot of new faces or some players that in the past weren’t so good. A lot of people say that in this game the team play and the tactics are more important than the aim. What you think about it?

fnatic\mintR: The aim is still very important but it’s a different kind of aiming, in this game you won’t see a lot of single fire headshots like in CS, it’s more like something you could compare to the tracking of say a "lightnig-gun" in quake or anything similar to that. Also a lot of the players who emerge who weren’t good before might just have needed some time to grow up, reach an age where they still have the speed of a young player but with a little more experience and brain activity. Tactics are important and so is aim but most importantly I’d say is the ability to counter the opponent, to adjust to little things you catch them doing and turn the situation into an advantage on your behalf and with the pace of this game this needs to happen really fast.

Q: Finally, we see that CoD4 is growing and growing and there are a lot of new events like AEF (with 30000€ just for Call of Duty). Do you think that in the future Call of Duty can try to get the place that is now for CS 1.6? In your opinion there will be an Extreme Master just for CoD4?

fnatic\mintR:I saw they just raised the prices on AEF and yes this is great for CoD4, more publicity and people realizing this game might be worth taking a look at. I’m still a skeptic about the big tournaments when it comes to CoD4 because even if they have been looking at it it’s really hard to knock down CS at the moment, I guess with CoD6 coming out, probably in one or two years we would have a much bigger shot at it. Call of Duty could very well be suitable for the big tournaments and I hope it will be there but whether it will be for CoD4 or 6 is another question, CGS would be a perfect launch pad for CoD onto the big events, how ever I don’t know what will happen to CoD4 in the nearest future and I guess the big tournaments have already decided on what games they will support for this season so we will have to wait and see.

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